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Signal Error Signal Error

Rated 3 / 5 stars

the kicks, and clap/hat are being squashed by the synths, bringing the levels up, some eq, some compression would give it more depth.

Reconstruct Reconstruct

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

i really like the whole 8bit sound, but i think the transition is weird, i think it would've been okay without the other percussion or fl slayer. 0-0:30 was sweet honestly, its cute and to the point. the percussion from that point just gets repetitive and the slayer loop does too. maybe adding some fills will give it more texture.

the rest from that point is just interesting, because i see more potential with this if it's just a full on 8bit, rather then using other plugins and what not. and chiptunes are much different from an 8bit video game sound, chiptunes are made with psg sound chips.(fun fact lol)

i feel like you should stay away from plugins that people are way to familiar with (slayer), the aesthetic is awesome when you have people wondering what daw you used lol. this track is interesting and your producing skills are coming along very well.

TheDukesDepot responds:

I can understand liking the more simple sound compared to the one with a little too much going on, but in all honesty I enjoyed how this sounded before I posted it. As for the Fl Slayer; it was an experiment to see how well I could get it to sound using only the effects in the actual plugin. The only outside effects I used were reverb and some stereo. Are there things that I look back on in songs I posted and go "Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have done that." Of course, but I have to allow myself to make mistakes, suffer the consequences for doing so, and maybe even face a little ridicule. I choose to do this with these unfortunate side-effects for the purpose of discovering new methods that haven't been attempted yet in music. Experimentation is the key to becoming a better you.

Dirty Toilet Dirty Toilet

Rated 4 / 5 stars

i really liked this, it's ambient and very easy to listen to, doesn't make me nervous or afraid, it's chill to lay down to.

bring up that kick drum though, not to much because this seems more like an ambient piece.
the little glitches in the backround also fill the track so you don't need claps and stuff.

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XS - The Space Between XS - The Space Between

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

i liked this, i'm not much a fan of dubstep but i've always enjoyed cool relaxing piano melodies.

01:08 - 01:09 shit like this is the creative stuff that really makes the track stand out from every other track, very creative breaks. that wasn't something i've heard in the music world. little styles differentiate you from the crowd. it's important to do ya own thing :)

02:12 - 02:16 is overdone, it's cool but the whole stutter thing is just over saturated. you can def add some more transitions then that.

Hope i helped bruoh.

Jimmypig responds:

Thanks for the listen! Yeah I agree with you, I will probably change the entire synth that is used on the stutter part, it was just an old one I made so I cant say I really put the effort in with that one. I know what you mean about doing your own thing though, the strings on the drop are something I thought "wait, that doesn't sound normal", then I realised I like it and I don't want to be normal!

Obcisor Domini -Death Metal- Obcisor Domini -Death Metal-

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

to much low/ not enough mid or high. that would honestly solve the quality for this.

AEOK responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

Fire (Come on!) Fire (Come on!)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hey MissVirus!
I liked this industrial track, "I am the god of hell fire" reminds me of one of death grips singles on exmilitary. LOL.

This isn't a bad arrangement at all, you could just be more creative when using the same vocal samples, maybe transpose it down a couple and not warp it? you could get some interesting results manipulating the samples. you can also cut them up and use them in breaks.
0:37 - 01:14 was a weird transition too, little on the repetitive side. Hope I helped bro!

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TheNGVirus responds:

thanks man! I'll keep it in mind!

Voltage Heavy Voltage Heavy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this was honestly well produced, great job mixing too. it's pretty bone chilling but yet warming. this def messes with your emotions.

nothing out of the ordinary i would take off for, this is so well put together.
*drinks fiji water"

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Vertigo Vertigo

Rated 2 / 5 stars

it sounds like a high pass filter is on the entire track, i really can't judge the quality of this with that filter. there is literally no bass (not that it's a bad thing) but I doubt your intentions was to aim for experimental stuff without it.

just practice mixing, make your track or break it. i liked the happy feel to this, then the craziness.
1:18 - 1:35 was just a weird transition in the track.

Bass Party In Your Subs Bass Party In Your Subs

Rated 5 / 5 stars

lol dude this is fucking awesome. it's so minimal too. the whole idea behind this is just so cool. i did a track awhile back and it was called "Use Headphones" basically you need some headphones to hear the frequencies you know, it was very minimal too. i love stuff like this, it just pushes the envelope of electronic music.

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bdog705 responds:

gonna be honest i didn't expect anyone to like this at all
ill have to listen to that track sometime m8

drop therapy-fabric of reality drop therapy-fabric of reality

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

you should work on learning how to mix, the synths over dub on the kicks + claps. also try layering your kicks, and claps. you will get a much fuller sound and it won't sound as weak you know. it doesn't hurt to throw in some hi hats or snares too ;)

edwardpotato responds:

this song is old.